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What Outpatient Procedures Does Dr. William P. Toole Offer?

Dr. William P. Toole performs the following procedures at Toole Sports Medicine:

  • Outpatient Total Shoulder replacement
  • Outpatient Total knee replacement
  • Outpatient Partial knee replacement

More complex procedures like revision Shoulder or knee replacements typically are not offered in an outpatient setting due to having a higher risk of complications.

What is Outpatient Shoulder and Knee Replacement Surgery?

Total Shoulder and total knee replacement are the surgical treatment for Shoulder and knee arthritis, where the damaged/arthritic portions are removed and replaced with artificial implants. Traditionally performed as an inpatient procedure, total Shoulder and knee replacement surgery is now being conducted on an outpatient basis, allowing you to go home on the same day of the surgery.

This is made possible with recent advances such as improved perioperative anesthesia, minimally invasive techniques, and initiation of rehabilitation protocols soon after surgery.

When is Outpatient Total Shoulder and Knee Replacement Suggested?

Outpatient total joint replacement is considered when you are healthy and after surgery you can tolerate a regular diet, urinate, and pass certain criteria with your physical therapist. We will continue to make sure that your vital signs are stable, such as heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Moreover, you need to be able to maintain pain control with oral medication before being discharged on the same day of surgery. Dr. William P. Toole will not recommend outpatient surgery to a patient if he or his staff feel that the patient’s safety may be at risk by going home early.

Outpatient Shoulder and Knee Replacement Procedures

Dr. William P. Toole approaches outpatient joint replacements in the same way that he approaches inpatient procedures. The surgical procedure is the same, and the same implants are used. The only difference is that patients undergoing outpatient joint replacement can go home the day of surgery, while patients undergoing inpatient joint replacement will stay at the hospital overnight.

These procedures are performed using advancements in anesthetic techniques like an adductor canal regional block for knee replacement patients that produces a centralized anesthetic effect and does not require a hospital stay for its effects to wear off.

Other advancements include modern-day techniques to minimalize soft tissue damage during the actual surgery. This facilitates faster recovery. The damaged portions of the joints are trimmed at appropriate angles using computerized navigation, robotic technology, and/or special guides to ensure a perfect fit and location of the implants.

What to Expect after Outpatient Total Shoulder and Total Knee Replacement

Several hours after surgery, you will be discharged from the hospital following a thorough examination to make sure you meet the requirements for discharge such as having stable vital signs, ability to pass physical therapy requirements, ability to eat and urinate without issues, and having your pain well controlled.

What are the Benefits of Outpatient Total Joint Replacement?

The potential advantages of the outpatient procedure include:

  • Convenience - Ability to go home and be in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home
  • Cost Savings – Costs vary based on your individual insurance plan, but most patients have a lower out of pocket cost when they can avoid an overnight hospital stay.
  • Safe Environment – Your surgery will still take place at Toole Sports Medicine which allows for even greater safety and peace of mind than procedures done at freestanding outpatient surgical centers. Thought complications rates are low, if a health issue arises after your procedure, it is much easier to be admitted to the hospital.
  • Improved Outcomes – Outpatient procedures typically have lower complication rates and studies have found no significant differences in terms of mobility or pain in a home recovery.

Is Outpatient Shoulder or Knee Replacement Right For You?

If you feel that outpatient joint replacement surgery may be right for you, Dr. William P. Toole can provide an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate. To schedule an appointment, please fill out our Appointment Request form or call the office at  . Dr. William P. Toole and his team look forward to helping you and are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.